Business Challenge

Cubis wanted to reduce their impact on the environment by cutting down on the amount of waste generated. One cause of waste was errors in drilling and construction of their STAKKAbox ULTIMA Connect chamber. So we created an AR app that shows how the chamber is constructed and the exact locations of drill holes and accessories.


Virtual Training

Cubis has a growing requirment for training staff on their industrial equipment, but having a machine offline for staff training can be costly. We developed a Virtual Training simulator that allowed staff to go through the process of operating the machinery without the need of being at the actual equipment. The training simulator takes staff through the process step by step, making sure each step is completed before carrying on to the next.

Return on Investment

By implementing these immersive experiences and training tools, Cubis have been able to save on staff hours, machine time and have reduced their waste substantially, while also making their staff more productive.

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